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Errors in Kinetica Software … What is the impact?

A recent publication in the AAPS Journal by Helmut Schütz, Detlew Labes, and Anders Fuglsang (link) discussed difficulties in validating statistical software packages. They said: The purpose of this paper is therefore to introduce reference datasets of varying complexity in terms of dataset size and characteristics (balance, range, outlier presence, residual error distribution) for 2-treatment, 2-period, 2-sequence […]

Adding a placebo component to your PK/PD model in Phoenix

PK/PD modeling is an exciting are of research in clinical pharmacology. Most often we try to model the effect of a drug by drawing relationships between the concentration and effect. This usually entails subsetting the data to exclude information from subject that received placebo during the trial. But statistical comparisons in clinical studies are most […]

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